Nutritional Coaching

You don’t have to follow the latest fad, you don’t have to count calories. I’m not here to lecture you, or punish you for bad decisions. Instead, I’m here to help you make better choices, one day at a time.


Online Nutritional Coaching

This course is NOT a quick fix, fad diet, or a strict meal plan. Instead, this course starts at step one; fundamentals. Most people have forgotten the correct fundamentals of eating. We scarf down meals quickly while we’re driving in our cars, sitting in front of a TV or while scrolling through our phones on our lunch break. We reach for a bag of chips or a pint of ice cream when we’re stressed or anxious. We choose highly processed foods over fresh vegetables because they’re convenient and to a lot of people, they “taste better.” Then, we try diet after diet to no avail. Maybe we lose weight, but we STILL don’t feel good about ourselves, or maybe the weight comes creeping back on shortly after. If any of this sounds like you, then it’s time to look at your lifestyle, habits and behaviors.

Just like you can’t run a marathon without training for it first, you can’t expect to adapt a healthy diet and lifestyle overnight. This program will start with the basics and build up. It introduces new habits every two weeks and requires for YOU to check in daily. Yes, in order to make changes, you have to work on them every day. Whether your goal is to be healthier, lose weight, get off medications, stick around to see your grand kids grow up, or whatever else it may be, this program is for you.


30 minute initial Skype session

Daily check-ins

Weekly or bi-weekly follow ups via Skype or email



Payment accepted via PayPal

*All payments are final and non-refundable. This program is designed to last 12 months, however, if you wish to stop the program at any time, let me know prior to your billing date and I will cancel your service.