What is “virtual nutrition coaching?”

Virtual nutrition coaching allows you to receive professional nutrition coaching from anywhere that has internet access.

Why do you use Precision Nutrition to coach your clients?

If I didn’t believe in Precision Nutrition, I wouldn’t use it to coach my clients. It’s as simple as that! Using the Precision Nutrition platform allows me to:

  • offer an easy-to-use, client friendly, online platform

  • provide simple, easy to follow nutrition habits

  • offer programs for both men and women of any age

  • work with more clients in more locations throughout the U.S.

  • help coach clients more successfully

To learn more about the Precision Nutrition platform click here.

How do I get started?

You can call or text me at (678) 378-0577, email me at julie@juliethames.com or fill out the form at the bottom of this page!

Where do you offer your services?

I offer my nutrition coaching services anywhere in the U.S. that has internet access.

What do I need to participate in this program?

You will need a computer, tablet, and/or smart phone, internet connection, a scale to take your weight, a cloth measuring tape for taking body measurements, a camera for taking photos before, during and after your progress and a willingness to change!

How will we keep in touch?

Most of our communication happens through the Precision Nutrition platform. How we communicate otherwise is completely up to you! Some people will want more communication than others therefore I allow you to choose how we communicate (email, text, phone, Skype/FaceTime) and how frequently (weekly, bi-weekly).

What happens during our initial Skype/Phone meeting?

Prior to our initial Skype/Phone meeting, I will send you “new client paperwork,” have you fill it out and then send it back to me. During our initial meeting, we will review and discuss this paperwork along with your goals and what you’re hoping to achieve. This is also a great time for us to get to know each other and for you to ask any additional questions!

What do you mean by “daily check-ins?”

In the morning you’ll receive an email with a lesson and your daily habit. Lessons are either a quick read, short video and/or a few questions for you to answer. You’ll complete the lesson and then, at the end of the day, you’ll simply check off if you completed your habit.

What do you mean by “weekly or bi-weekly follow ups?”

Throughout your program I want to ensure that you are staying on track. Even though you’ll receive daily emails with lessons and habit reminders, I believe that my clients should also have voice-to-voice or face-to-face coaching. This will be your time to let me know what is and isn’t working for you. I also understand that not everyone has the time or even wants to schedule a phone call or Skype/FaceTime appointment, therefore I also give the option of phone, text or email follow ups.

Do I need to be cleared by a doctor to start this program?

If you think that you need to be cleared by a doctor, then you most likely should be. I am always happy to work alongside doctors (and often end up doing so) to ensure that my clients are getting the best care possible.

I am a vegetarian, vegan, or follow another specific diet, can you still coach me?

Yes! Absolutely. This program is tailored for each individual client.

What type of results should I expect from working with you?

Your results will vary greatly depending on your goals. Typical results include controlled eating behaviors, a better feeling of self-worth, improved digestion, higher self-esteem, a better understanding of nutrition, weight loss, weight gain (muscle/mass gain), improved health measures and so much more!

How am I billed?

An invoice will be emailed to you and all payments will be accepted through PayPal (you can pay through your PayPal account or by using a debit or credit card). All payments must be completed by your due date, otherwise your account will be temporarily frozen. Failure to complete payment within 48 hours after your due date will result in the termination of your account.

What if I decide this program is not for me?

This program is designed to last for 12 months to ensure that the habits and behaviors you learn become second nature. Ideally, after completing this program, you will leave feeling confident enough to manage your nutrition without the guiding hand of a coach. If you are unsatisfied with your coaching at any point during your program, please contact me. You have the option to cancel your program at any time.

Please note, that if you paid on June 1st and you cancel on June 3rd, you will not receive a refund for June 3rd-30th. All payments are final.